Mendi Improvement Proposal Template [MIP-#] - Title

Mendi Improvement Proposal Template [MIP-#] - Title

Author[s]: Discord Username

Title: {Title of the proposal}

Type: Mendi Improvement Proposal


Describe how the proposal would contribute to the improvement of the Mendi Finance lending protocol, and why is it necessary to implement.

The Snapshot vote should be added to this part once it goes live.

Proposal Summary

Summarize the key elements of the proposal, its objectives and the projected timeline. Share who would be responsible for the implementation of the proposal and how it will generate new benefits for the Mendi community. In this section the reader should have a clear understanding of the whole proposal.


Explain what are the motivations for the proposal and what are the benefits for the community.

Technical considerations

Outline the technical aspects of the upgrade and what are the required development works to implement the proposal if the voting passes.

Expected Timeline

  • Governance Vote: {date} (Starts at the posting of the proposal)
  • Deployment Target: Nov 21, 2023 (min. 2 week after the voting ends)

Deployment Considerations

Describe the technical approach to implementing the upgrade. If you are not directly involved in the deployment, reference the core team responsible for these specifics.

Conflict of Interest

Disclose any potential conflicts of interest or other pertinent disclosures that could influence the proposal’s integrity.

Next Steps

Outline the immediate actions and steps after the proposal’s submission, providing a clear and actionable roadmap for the governance process.

References and Links

List all relevant sources, documents, and references that support your proposal and provide additional context.