[MIP-5] Adjusting Collateral Ratios

Author[s]: Mendi Core Team

Title: Adjust Collateral Ratios

Type: Mendi Improvement Proposal



With the shifting market conditions the Mendi core team proposes the following adjustments to the collateral and reserve factors:

Market Old C-factor New C-factor Old R-factor New R-factor
USDC 80% 85% 10% 10%
USDT 80% 85% 10% 10%
wETH 70% 80% 20% 15%


With these adjusted collateral factors the lending protocol can capture a larger market share within the market.

Technical considerations

The Core Team will adjust the Collateral Factors with a 24 hour timelock

Expected Timeline

  • RFC and Temperature Check from 04/27 to 04/30
  • Governance Vote: From 05/03 to 05/06
  • Deployment Target: After governance vote, there is a 24 hour timelock to adjust ratios.

Conflict of Interest

There are no conflict of interest for the proposal.

Next Steps

Core team will adjust the collateral ratios.

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